Born at the height of summer in the Pacific Northwest, Zach’s affinity for clear skies and warm weather led him swiftly into conflict with the region’s near-perpetual rain and cloud cover. Understandably, this conflict led to a preference for more solitary, indoor hobbies such as reading, writing, and video games. Not arithmetic though. Zach and Arithmetic haven’t been on speaking terms since… well, ever really.

As the years went on and Zach grew older, these hobbies would grow with him. Transforming from simple childhood pastimes into powerful passions that he decided (against his admittedly better judgement) to try and build a career out of. He wrote his first novel while he was still in high school, and is quite pleased in hindsight that it ultimately never saw the light of day. Though in secret, he hopes that one day he’ll be able to resurrect this novel into a form worthy of said light.

Fast forward to the present, and Zach is currently hard at work on what he calls “The Four Horsemen”: four books who’s stories have most consistently floated through his mind even as he’s tried to pursue other ventures. In addition to writing, three times a week for four hours a day, Zach takes to Twitch.tv to share his passion for video games by live-streaming Destiny 2; a game and franchise that is very near and dear to his heart.